Cactides album cover

Debut album Cactides out now
via Nefarious Industries on LP/Digital

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Titan to Tachyons is a trio led by guitarist Sally Gates (ex Orbweaver, Gigan), backed by the powerhouse rhythm section of Kenny Grohowski (Secret Chiefs 3, Imperial Triumphant, Brand X, etc) and Matt Hollenberg (Cleric, John Zorn). Instrumentally depicting the realms of surrealistic sci-fi, the band make use of angular and experimental passages, juxtaposed by fluid grooves and metallic flurries. 

On the heels of their first performances in their home base of NYC, the trio tracked a debut album at Colin Marston’s Menegroth, The Thousand Caves Studios. Released via Nefarious Industries as a limited run of 300 splatter vinyl copies, the record features guest musician Trevor Dunn (Mr. Bungle, Fantômas, etc) on bass for a structured improvisational piece. 

Sally Gates – Guitar
Matt Hollenberg – Bass VI
Trevor Dunn – Bass
Kenny Grohowski – Drums


07/23/2022 – The Crown, Baltimore, with Cleric, Mast Year, and Mowder Oyal
07/24/2022 – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, with Cleric and Bangladeafy

04/07/2022 – NuBlu 151 NYC, with Snark Horse and Snake Union
11/10/2021 – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, NY with Car Bomb and Cleric
3/10/2020 – NuBlu 151, NYC, with IR (Mick Barr/Erik Malave) and Kilter
1/8/2020 – Mercury Lounge, NYC, with Cleric and Horse Torso
10/25/19 – The Kingsland, Brooklyn, with Car Bomb (record release), and Circuit of Suns
9/17/19 – Saint Vitus, Brooklyn, with Zevious, Vosnod and Indricothere (Colin Marston)
6/26/19 – (as Sally Gates Trio) – Max Fish, NYC, with Mick Barr
2/15/19 – (as Sally Gates Trio) – Ceremony, Brooklyn, with Seven)Suns, Shardik, Ava Mendoza